Healthcare, by its very nature, is information intensive. The development of Health Care Software solutions is a core competence at Opensys Technologies. We excel in the healthcare environment because of expertise in developing solutions compliance with critical healthcare requirements. With Opensys Technologies, many healthcare leaders have reduced their total cost of ownership by up to 30%.

We have delivered business value to healthcare industries through:

  • eHealthcare Consulting Solutions
  • eHealthcare Software Development
  • Custom eHealthcare compliant development solution
  • eHealthcare Software Development solution
  • development and customization solution
  • Customized healthcare information solutions
  • Designs and Develops Practice Management Software (PMS)

Support and enhancement with dedicated team

What sets us apart is not just the technical proficiency or our vast healthcare industry experience, but dedicated support to our clients for fast technical issue resolution. We provide consultancy, training and all kinds of support to healthcare organizations for using customized healthcare application up to its full potential.