E-Finance Suite

Technology is becoming a transformative agent for every sector of the financial services industry. With the pace of change showing no signs of slowing, our Financial Services clients are looking at technology with awe and inspiration. Financial institutions are looking to the IT organisation to do more to help make sure they are well positioned to succeed in the future. There are macroeconomic trends sweeping the world, and technology-driven influences buffeting the industry. This represents for us the opportunity to bring together our financial services technology capabilities to support our clients through their transformative digital journey.

Our vision is to develop the most impactful and innovative platform for Financial services.

Our e-Financial Advisory Services  

Technology Strategy

Technological advances have real world implications on the financial services industry, and institutions need to adjust their business models accordingly. We help our clients by providing leading practices, thought leadership, solutions, subject matter experts with a global experience and tools and accelerators to drive value quickly.

Data and Analytics

Our strong experience in the financial services sector has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the current trends as well as the challenges faced by Financial Institution. We use our globally recognized framework–Transform –in all our engagements to deliver a holistic solution. From strategy through implementation and change management, we enable our clients to close the gap between planning and execution.

Process Improvement

Our strong experience in the Financial Service sector has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the current trends as well as the challenges faced by organizations in their Process Improvement Journey. We are equipped to serve as the foundation for Process Analysis, redesign and automation, with the appreciation that it can be executed to accommodate specific business needs.


Our e-Financial solutions

Opensys Technologies  provides financial institution with state-of-the-art innovative solutions to manage financial transactions , risk , and digitize their workflows and their customer relationships.


Our Financial Solution portfolio can cover the following financial institution core business areas:

Debt funds management

Opensys Technologies  provides banks and specialized institutional lenders worldwide with collaborative solutions to manage loans and interest rate risk.

Tailored to your organization and process, customized with your own colors, our solutions are fully integrated with your back-office systems and herald a new era in customer relationship: the era of digitalization and real-time communication.

Loan/Grant  management

Loan / Grant management, real-time reports, dynamic analysis of positions, financing and hedging simulation, digital documents, automated workflow…  Opensys Technologies’s solutions streamline customer relationships and lie at the heart of the value chain

Guarantee  management

Our Guarantee management solution handle the workflow between the issue and the release, throughout the contract term.


All Our Integrated Management solutions are structured in 4 core modules from  Business Origination and Processing to Closing and Reporting

  • Origination
    • Target Market Planning
    • Request Management
    • Customer relationship
    • Assessment and Scoring
    • Due Dilligence
    • Review and Approval process
    • Issuance Process
    • Origination documentation
  • Servicing
    • Disbursement
    • Repayments
    • Defaults
    • Recoveries
    • Past dues
    • Claims
    • Portfolio Management
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Risk Management
    • Risk limits
    • Risk Metrics
    • Rating Model Configuration (Country ,Borrower ,Lender ,Transaction)
    • Pricing Model
    • Risk Model Simulation
    • Provisioning
    • Collaterals
    • Risk Monitoring
    • Risk documentation
  • Accounting & Reporting
    • Invoicing
    • Fees calculations
    • Cash collection
    • Reports
    • KPIs
    • Analytics

General features

A powerful, secure and easy-to-use solution

With its carefully designed ergonomics, our solutions provide all users with exceptional ease of use and access.

Simplify the monitoring

Accessible via a simple browser, our solutions enable tracking anytime, anywhere and in any way you wish.

Easy to deploy and characterized with a carefully designed ergonomics, our solutions allow to involve all collaborators in a few minutes, thus helping to address all the issues related to the business

Access all the relevant information

Our Solutions enable real-time monitoring of all information relating to the financial product (Loans, guarantees…) (issue date, changes in outstanding amounts, associated fees, counter-measures, electronic documents, etc.).

Online access to a centralized database allows to find with a few clicks the information required.

Benefit from real-time reports

With our solutions, you can edit reports in a few seconds according to different consolidation axes (principal, client, business unit, country, etc.), to get a comprehensive, real-time view of the status of your financial product. Our solutions are connected to foreign exchange markets, and allows to set a “group” exchange rate in reports.

Operational expert advice

Our experts deliver ongoing assistance and advice during the whole deployment period. Everyday, they can help you to customise reports, search for an indicator… for the most time-effective process.

Upon request, our consultants deliver specific training, audit management policies and provide strategic guidance to optimize fees and costs.